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The Unprofessional’s Guide to Crafting a Routine: Embracing Imperfection

embracing imperfection in your daily chaos.
Hey there, champions of chaos! Today, let’s chat about creating a routine that doesn’t demand perfection because, let’s face it, who needs that kind of pressure? Here’s your unprofessional guide to adding a touch of order to your daily chaos.

1. Start with the Basics

According to Psychology Today, simplicity is key when crafting a routine. Begin with the basics – waking up, meals, and bedtime. Keep it straightforward, and build from there.

2. Embrace Flexibility

Harvard Business Review suggests embracing flexibility in your routine. Life is unpredictable, so leave room for spontaneity. It’s okay to go off-script and enjoy the unexpected.

3. Small Wins, Big Impact

Verywell Mind highlights the power of small wins. Celebrate completing tasks, no matter how minor. These victories build momentum and make the routine feel less daunting.

4. Mix Work and Play

The Guardian gives a detailed outlook on how to mix work and play, and honestly, it’s not rocket science. Incorporate enjoyable activities into your routine. Whether it’s a quick dance break or a funny YouTube video, make your routine something to look forward to.

5. Tech-Free Moments

Healthline recommends tech-free moments. Create pockets of time without screens. It’s a simple way to reduce stress and reconnect with the present. Here are 12 tech-free moment activities’ you can perform to occupy your brain, and not reach for your phone.

6. Make It Your Own

The Spruce emphasises personalization. Your routine is just that – yours. Don’t follow someone else’s schedule blindly. Tailor it to your preferences and needs.


Remember, routines don’t have to be rigid or flawless. Embrace the imperfections, find joy in the process, and make your routine a tool that works for you, not against you.